Where are the Zichronos?

In previous versions of my website, I included recordings of beautiful memoirs that chasidim recorded about the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

I regret that I had to do it, but my web host reduced the capabilities of my server, and it is no longer possible to host as much content as I used to. I have been hosting these zichronos for free for the past few years, and I found even then that I was running up against the limits of what the my host's server could do. I was technically unable to continue adding content.

Then, in mid-2023, things suddenly got worse. I tried to deploy a tiny text-only update, and the deploy failed because processing all the audio took too much time.

In case things change, I have saved the data in the pre-zichronos-cut branch on my GitHub repository for this site. I hope someday the zichronos will return and be updated better than before.

I apologize for the sudden change.