R’ Berke Chein’s casket. Psak din that the Jews should come out of Russia. A shiur in learning. Sobering up with fear of Hashem.

Ha’aros • Notes

Special. First of all, because my father was then here too and I heard parts of this from him, but surely not in such detail, or at least, I don’t remember. However, re Chein’s Kasket, I believe it was in E’s Aba Pliskin’s (Samoshes) in 770. At this Farbrangen, my father fainted. When he went into Yechidus, he had 2 Tzetlach, one personal and one that the Reshet asked him to present. It was about 4-5am and there was still a crowd of people who didn’t go in yet, so the Mazkirus announced that whoever has 2 pages, should make it into one page and whoever has one page, should make it into a half a page. My father was obedient (even though it might be coming straight from the Rebbe) and he was facing a big dilemma, which tzetel should he present. Bottom line, he decided to present the tzetel for the Reshet and stored away the personal tzetel in the Ma’amar book that he was studying b4 entering for Yechidus (to assure that he doesn’t mistakenly present the wrong tzetel). He vent in and presented the the tzetel and the Rebbe started answering in the order of his PRIVATE tzetel. My father was so confused, that he bent himself over the Rebbe’s desk to see which tzetel he gave! Indeed, it WAS the tzetel for the Reshet and the answerd my father in the order of his PRIVATE tzetel. Anyway, by this Farbrangen that Leibel is talking about, the Rebbe answered on the tzetel for the Reshet, and from התפעלות, my father fainted (? Son of Sholom ber laine)

בהמשך לשמח”ת תשכ”ב רציתי להעיר, שר’ בערקע חן רצה לגשת קודם, והרבי אמר לו לחכות עד שיאמר כמה שיחות, אחרי זה באמצע השיחה אודות יהודי רוסיא, קרא לו והגיש את הלחיים ספירט, אבל לא בכוס הרגיל הבעכער, אלא הי’ לו עוד קעלישקע מזכוכית ומזה הי’ שותה משקה. גם הבקבוק ספירט שר’ בערקע הביא היתה קטנה (ר’ שד”ב גורקב)